Fnatic secure spot in 2019 League of Legends World Championships

After Defeating Schalke 04 3-0 from the LEC fnatic have secured a spot in the 2019 League of Legends World Championships.

It was a show that Schalke fans will want to forget but the stress will be about Fnatic because they confront G2 Esports at the Fnatic – following the MSI Champions hauled a reverse-sweep from Fnatic off just a week back.
But, Schalke’s ADC Elias’Upset’ Lipp reckons despite G2 function as favourites Fnatic have a chance to redeem themselves.
He explained:”I believe G2 will probably take it 3-1 but Fnatic have had a great run of form. Should they reveal the things they could show against G2, I believe that they can also conquer them.
“They were really close a week and I believe tomorrow will be quite close too. It depends a lot on momentum if G2 start strong from the first couple of games they may shut it out but if Fnatic do nicely they also possess the capability to 3-0 G2.”
Despite dropping to Fnatic tonight, the season isn’t around for Schalke. They have yet another chance to make it if they could emerge victorious – where they might need to beat on either Origen or Splyce.
Upset said:”Who knows what happened in the 3 weeks in which Origen and Splyce were practicing, perhaps they found something which works well for them so it’s difficult to tell how strong they are right now.
“If you look in Spylce’s playoff game against Rogue at which they lost 3-0 and also the truth that Origen did not even make movie, you would think we’d be the favorites going in the Gauntlet
“Right now, it is somewhat difficult to feel positive or happy about things because we just dropped in a gloomy fashion but I think after I have a night of sleep and just think about it logically , we definitely feel much more confident going in the Gauntlet.
“Getting to Worlds is the only thing which matters today, it’s the most important thing for us and we will give it all to create it.”

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